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Read some of the feedback that I have received from clients

My anxiety was ruling my life and the stress was getting to the point where I didn't even want to leave my house. A friend recommended Sandy as someone she knew had found the therapy life changing. Although we worked online, she helped me understand where my anxiety stemmed from and together we developed strategies that helped me cope better. I then made the decision that I wanted to resolve the root of my fears, which was something that happened when I was 7. Sandy brought in EMDR and although I was apprehensive at first, I felt safe in her hands and I feel that I am move forward now."
Heidi 28 - April 2021 - Whitstable

"Looking back, I realise I’ve had mental health problems since I was a child but it wasn’t until 1990 that I started being treated by the mental health services. During a hospitalisation I was diagnosed with bi-polar effective disorder, with psychotic tendencies as I heard voices and had vivid hallucinations. I found it hard to accept that they were hallucinations as the sensory impressions were so real and vivid.

I had a variety of treatments – individual sessions with a psychiatrist; group sessions with a psychologist – which were useless to me as I found it impossible to speak within the group; CBT – which, as my CPN pointed out, had no chance of success as I had no norm to get back to; and art therapy.

I felt comfortable with Sandy very quickly; we share a similar sense of humour and I liked the fact that she didn’t rush in with interventions or glib suggestions.

Her working methods were not something I’d met before and that too was helpful – I’d be trying something new. Currently, Sandy and I are working on issues that are thrown up by the repetition of emotions in dreams. I find this relatively stressful but feel totally safe doing so with Sandy."
Caroline 62yrs - Canterbury 2022

"Honestly, I'd been finding it really hard to cope after long term a relationship broke down and just couldn't see a way out of the depression. I went to the doctor and he recommended antidepressants, which I was reluctant to take, he then suggested that I look for a counsellor to help me. Through working together with Sandy I have grown to realise that a lot of me feeling stuck came from things that I had learned in my childhood. However, my ways of coping weren't functioning in my life now. Now with my growing awareness and with Sandy's insightful ways, I am changing my story."
Justin 32 - March 2020 - Canterbury

"The whole experience has been positive and has helped me a lot. I now feel I can have more control of my life and can handle things a lot better. Very Happy."
Karen 37 - May 2020

"Gambling was getting me into so much debt that I knew I had to do something about it. Sandy helped me understand where my addictive pattern had come from and supported me in facing my debts along with my addiction. It was really hard to acknowledge that I was an addict, but her non-judgemental approach helped me feel better about myself, this has given me the strength to stop and find different ways of coping."
David 44 - Canterbury 2019

My problems had stemmed from a very unhappy childhood and a string of dysfunctional relationships. I had seen two other counsellors over the years and although talking help, it did not give me any ideas of how to move forward. I have been seeing Sandy for about three months and have been so impressed with how quickly she understood me, helping me find a way forward after all my years of turmoil."
Rosalyn 35 - Canterbury 2021

"Before I started therapy, I was so anxious that I was having panic attacks and could not understand why. My doctor prescribed me beta blockers, but they didn't help much. Sandy helped me understand where my anxiety had come from, she used EMDR and taught me some really effective techniques that helped me manage my stress levels before they turned into anxiety. I am so much happier now, I understand myself better and feel in control of my life"
Charlotte 32 - Whitstable 2021

I was in a very abusive relationship, he didn't hit me but always threatened to. I finished the relationship and with Sandy's support I am now living on my own. I feel that I need to discover who I really am, as how can I give myself to another relationship when I don't really know who I am. I was scared of being on my own, but now am enjoying the time. In counselling I am now looking at what boundaries I need in my life, what will I accept from my friends or relationships. Where I draw the line and stand up for myself is a work in progress"
Karen 23 - Dover 2019

"Around 2017, I'd been finding it really hard to keep my sexuality hidden from my family. My partner had told his parents years before, which made it even harder for me, as I was 35 and didn't feel strong enough to tell them. Counselling gave me the opportunity to look at myself in a different light and although I initially went to Sandy with the family issue, I ended up finding out so much more about myself. I now realise why I think and feel the way I do and this has given me a really good understanding of how I function in relationships. I've now told my family about my partner and they are really great about me being gay. Ironically, they said that they always knew"
Peter 39 - Hythe 2018

"I was really confused which direction I wanted to take in life, I had separated from my girlfriend two months before and just felt stuck and very low, like I could not move on. Sandy got me to really look at what I wanted to get out of my life and I explored what was holding me back. This was a revelation for me and felt like a big step to take. With her support I have now got my motivation back; I've changed jobs and am seeing someone new. I have learned to recognise my feelings and have realised that they are there for a reason, this has stopped me from getting so frustrated and angry. Thank you for helping me open up to new ways of living"
Mike 26 - Faversham 2019

"I had felt confused about my sexuality since childhood and found it really hard to talk to my family as a teenager. I was brought up as a girl and was in constant battle with my family, as they always classified me as a "tomboy", and as a teenager said that I was a lesbian. With Sandy's care and compassion I realised that I was a man living in a woman's body. It has been a relief to gain this awareness through counselling. I am now living as a man and in a happy relationship with a girl who completely gets where I am coming from. This process has been a really big thing for me and Sandy helped me understand that I did not have to change my personality to be who I really was. I am now able to discuss things with my friends and family, who are fully supportive of my decision"
Justine - Canterbury 2018

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